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Wrap Yourself in Crystal

Illuminating Humanity Through Light-Infused Technology

Elemental Essentials for Life

LightBody Design creates uplifting products by weaving nature’s essential elements with light-infused technology to restore radiance and cultivate joy. Our crystal-infused products enhance the energetic field.

LightBody Design Crystal Blankets

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How Crystal-Phi Energy Works

"I love my crystal blanket! It helps me sleep SO much better. And I have found my blanket helps reduce the achiness, fatigue and tight muscles I usually have with long drives or flights."

Constance Rock, Licensed Midwife & Happy Customer

"I recently travelled from Perth to Colorado to visit family. I took my crystal blanket on the 30-hour journey. I experienced significantly less jet lag than normal. I am truly impressed with this crystal-infused blanket."

Bev Marshall, Happy Customer in Perth, West Australia

“The 96 crystals and minerals create an energetic coherent field, suggesting the body ‘find its balance’ through frequency.”

Arthur Franklin

Crystal-Phi Blanket

“Healers throughout history have harnessed the power of light, crystals, gemstones and precious metals to affect profound transformation in the body.”

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