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Technology Based in Nature

It’s finally happening!!!

After 18 years in business, lightbody design is transforming to Crystal 55!!  And with this exciting change, we are building a new international website, setting up an affiliate ‘Crystal Team’ program and Arthur Franklin will be birthing some exciting new products/formulas to help humanity.

It’s all starting soon.  Stay tuned!  Happy 2020!!

Illuminating Humanity Through Light-Infused Technology

Elemental Essentials for Life

LightBody Design creates uplifting products by weaving nature’s essential elements with light-infused technology to restore radiance and cultivate joy. Our crystal-infused products enhance the energetic field.

Discounted Packages

5% of every blanket sold goes to the Non-Profit, Wellness for Humanity Foundation.   This great gift idea is a a win/win for everyone!  You receive an amazing product at a discount while at the same time helping others struggling with long term chronic illness.

How Crystal-Phi Energy Works

"I love my crystal blanket! It helps me sleep SO much better. And I have found my blanket helps reduce the achiness, fatigue and tight muscles I usually have with long drives or flights."

Constance Rock, Licensed Midwife & Happy Customer

"I recently travelled from Perth to Colorado to visit family. I took my crystal blanket on the 30-hour journey. I experienced significantly less jet lag than normal. I am truly impressed with this crystal-infused blanket."

Bev Marshall, Happy Customer in Perth, West Australia

“The 96 crystals and minerals create an energetic coherent field, suggesting the body ‘find its balance’ through frequency.”

Arthur Franklin
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