Crystal-Phi Child Blanket

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Good news!!!  We have now added a child size Crystal Phi Blanket!  This size is perfect for the kiddos in your life.  It can also be used as a meditation blanket or nursing blanket.  It is half the size of our regular adult size blanket.

LightBody Design Crystal Blankets are unlike anything else on the planet today!

The Crystal Blanket from LightBody Design contains a propriety blend of 96 essential crystals and minerals. People have reported greater clarity and a general feeling of well-being after experiencing our blanket.


  • 25% certified organic cotton
  • 75% Crystal-Phi
  • This fiber is 100% post consumable certified polyester far infrared crystallized fiber
  • Child Blanket size: 31" x 48"

Special Introductory Pricing of $144

**5% of everything sold gets donated to the non-profit, Wellness For Humanity Foundation**