True Color Sound MP3

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True Color Sound was created upon extensive color therapy research so one can experience the color in sound. You will increase the harmonic resonance of the body therefore enhancing higher states of well-being and bringing you back into balance. True Color Sound is a set of 15 separate specialized “tubes” and each individual “tube” represents a specific color and exact sound

frequency of that particular color. The colored lenses that these “tubes” are based on and are in our The Original Light Table and have 25 years of extensive medical research. The sound is in a format that is measured in megahertz which is also called a megacycle which is 1,000,000 cycles per second used as a radio-frequency unit of measure and these tubes are within 1000th of a degree of “megahertz accuracy” which makes them very close to the exact sound representation of the specific color. Arthur Franklin along with one of his dear friends Randy Masters converted these medical grade colors to sound…the first of its kind in the world. The benefits are wonderful in that they bring movement and peace to the mind and body. In the first part

of this recording are some hydrogen chimes that Randy created which helps to activate the body on a cellular level.